Win a Free Horse


We are crazy for this! Win one of our founders' personal horses, Cash! Don't need another horse? No prob, get cash in your pocket instead!


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How to Enter

1. Each completed transaction will give you one entry for the drawing.

2. There is no limit to the amount of transactions or entries.

3. Returned transactions will not be eligible to win and will otherwise be considered null and void.

4. A winner will be selected on December 16th, 2022


1. Horse will be available after January 30, 2023.

2. Winner is able to choose between the horse or $1000 made payable within 60 days of drawing.

3. If horse is selected, it must be picked up in southeast Idaho by winner or other authorized shipper.

4. All shipping arrangements must be made by the winner at the winner's expense.

5. If horse is not picked up by March 30, 2023 it will be forfeit and sold. The winner will receive $1000 in lieu of the horse.